Born amidst the lush tropics of Papua New Guinea to a blend of Australian and PNG heritage, my early years were rich in culture and diversity. Although I moved to Australia during my formative years, it is the subtropical cities of Brisbane and the Gold Coast that I now fondly refer to as home. My artistic journey began at a tender age, with brushes and palettes being my preferred playmates. Yet, destiny had an initial detour in store; I ventured into the legal realm post-school, dedicating several years to the pursuit of law. However, the canvas was always on my mind. 

My initial foray into the arts saw me wielding watercolours, a medium that not only resonated with my spirit but also earned me accolades. I was proudly a finalist at the prestigious Milburn Art Prize in Brisbane and received a "Highly Commended" nod at the Border Art Prize held at the esteemed Tweed Regional Art Gallery, with Euan McCleod offering his commendation. However paint wasn’t my sole muse. The textured realm of ceramic arts and sculpture soon beckoned, adding another layer to my artistic repertoire. A deeper exploration led me to transition predominantly into ceramics, finding solace and expression in moulding clay into tangible reflections of my experiences and emotions. 

Every stroke, every mould, and every silhouette I craft is a testament to my ardor for vibrant colours, the rhythmic patterns of nature, and my profound connection to the myriad of people and places that continue to form the tapestry of my life.